My Makeup Collection – Lipstick Edition

Happy Sunday, y’all! Today I’ll be sharing the last portion of my collection and it’s all my bullet lipsticks! So let’s get on to the swatches! 🙂

So I will be honest and say I don’t remember which order I swatched them so I’m just going to link them in no particular order haha I hope that’s okay!

Mac – Ruby Woo (Matte)

Mac – Del Río (Satin)

Mac – Flat Out Fabulous ( Retro Matte)

Mac – Media (Satin)

Mac – Sin (Matte)

Mac – Rebel (Satin)

Mac – Instigator (Matte)

Smashbox – Femme Fatale (Matte)

Urban Decay – Alpha (Mega Matte)

Kat Von D – Mötorhead (Satin-Matte)

Kat Von D – Vampira (Satin-Matte)

So those are all my bullet lipsticks! I’d love to hear your recommendations and what lipstick is your go-to for right now and for spring/summer! 🙂 hope y’all enjoyed this little mini series of my makeup collection! I plan to do looks with these products very soon! 🙂

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