My Go To Outfit – All Black Attire

Happy Monday, y’all! First off I want to say I’m sorry for not posting anything last week, life happens and I was pretty busy this past week, but I’m on a less busier schedule now so let’s get into this post! Today I’ll be taking about my go to attire for errands, quick trips, or when I don’t feel like dressing up!

I don’t know if y’all have figured out yet, but I am all about being comfy while still looking decent – even though let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t work out that way haha- so I have noticed that this particular outfit has been my most worn attire recently. IMG_9345

From the looks of it, you could say this is very simple, but looks comfy and it is! I love how it’s simple, but still very put together. I’ll be sharing the outfit details so let’s get into it!


I’m a big fan of hoodies, pullovers, sweaters, etc and I love how this pullover is lightweight and roomy, not too loose and not too tight – which is very important to me, I’m not a fan of tight fitting clothing I feel restricted, does anyone else feel that way?  So it was a bit hard to find the exact pullover because I’m terrible at knowing the exact name of the item after owning it for years now and if I remember correctly I believe I got this on sale or at my local TJ Maxx so I didn’t pay full price (sales are amazing!) , but I found one similar to this one here .


Leggings, a touchy subject, why? because people think leggings are pants while others think they are not. I personally think they are, just a more comfier less constricting type of pants. Do you consider leggings as pants? Well these leggings from Loft are extremely comfortable and the wide elastic band on the waist is very nice and helps to hide some tummy pudge and still look flattering on you! The one con I have is that it does tend to collect fuzz and anything else that can stick to it, but I guess that’s the same issue for most black leggings.  Here is a pair that’s similar to these leggings and at a more affordable price – saving some money and still look cute is my motto.

I’m going to just say it – bras are constricting. They don’t feel comfy – although there is one that is and it’s the only one I can wear all day without wanting to take it off the moment I put it on ( that should tell you something haha) – and I feel like it just digs into my skin and cuts off my circulation, it could be my sizing or the material, but they just aren’t the comfiest of items, so I’ve been loving bralettes recently again and this specific one is very comfy and fitting. I love the detailing on the bralette which I’ll include below! IMG_9348

It’s hard to see all the detail but from what you can see it’s very lacy and unique! It sits well on me and the neck area doesn’t constrict me, it sits comfortably on my neck which I love because I’ve had that issue before with other bralettes similar to this one. These are from Victoria’s Secret, but I got them during a sale so I definitely saved money instead of paying the full amount which if you’ve ever shopped at Victoria’s Secret, you’ll know that they aren’t cheap so take advantage of those sales! Now the one I’m going to link isn’t from Victoria’s Secret, but I feel like it’s similar and more affordable so if you still want to check it out just click here !


I love shoes and I love comfy shoes so naturally I’d have more than one go-to pair of comfy shoes. I have one that’s more casual and another that’s more “dressy” (if that’s even a word, probably not haha). I’ve been a Vans wearer and lover since I was 14 years old so me and Vans have had a wonderful relationship haha I love how they’re comfy and casual and you can wear them with almost any casual outfit which I love. I am however a fan of the slim platform instead of the original however I still do have and wear the original platform Vans. I liked this style so much that I even got it in maroon! Here are the same vans and they are currently 25% off ! 🙂

Now for the second pair, these are the faux leather Steve Madden quilted black slip on shoes and these are pretty comfortable and very easy to just slip them on and you’re out the door which is a plus for me haha especially when in a rush. You can dress up an outfit with just wearing these shoes and I have done that before and it (surprisingly) went well haha. It comes in pink, black and olive green and I really want to get the pink ones, but I feel like I wouldn’t want to get them dirty so I wouldn’t wear which I have done before and it’s something I have stopped doing because I waste my money in the end, but anyways here are the same shoes from the Steve Madden website , but here are a more affordable option from Target , too.

So that’s my go-to attire for when I want to be comfy and casual, but still look decent, haha. I hope y’all enjoyed this post and again, I’m sorry for not posting last week, I’ll be back with more content though! 🙂

Happy Monday and I hope today and the rest of the week is a great one for y’all!

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