My Current Favorites 2019

Happy Sunday, y’all! I hope you all have had a wonderful week and weekend! Today I’ll be sharing my current favorites so far this year! 🙂

So my current favorites are simple , nothing too fancy or anything of the sort. It’s more comfortable. And speaking of comfortable, I’ve really been enjoying these black slip on shoes from Steve Madden!

They’re so comfy and I love the quilted leather design it has and I love how I can dress in something casual yet look presentable in these comfy shoes!

For beauty, I’ve kept things very simple. I don’t wear as much makeup right now as I’ve done before because I’m giving my skin a bit of a break from makeup for a bit. The only products I’ve been using recently and are my favorites are the Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara in Transparent and the Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm in Pomegranate. I like how I can just the brow mascara on my brows and they look clean and fresh and I like how the lip balm moisturizes my lips because when winter comes my lips get super chapped so it’s good to have something that is moisturizing for your lips while added that touch of an almost gloss-like appearance.

Speaking of dry skin, this Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is a must have for me during the winter time, it moisturizes and hydrates my face and skin and I love that its fragrance-free, too. For scents, my go to has been the Ralph Lauren perfume in Romance and I’ve seem to have lost the cap to the bottle, but it does the job, nonetheless, haha. It’s fresh and not too overpowering where it gives me a headache which can be a problem and a no-go for me, sometimes.

As you all may know, I’m a lover of all things planning and planner girl things so of course, this had to be included in my current favorites!

This mini Recollections planner has been my go-to and favorite planner so far because I can easily write down what all I need to do or have done and not worry about making it look pretty. It’s more functional for me where as my Erin Condren is more for decorative purposes almost like a journal, but I still like to balance decorative and functional in my Erin Condren, but recently I’ve carried this mini planner with me everywhere and it’s so easy to just pop it out and write down all the things I’ve done or need to do.

So those are my current favorites for now so I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I hope y’all have a wonderful Sunday and upcoming week! 🙂

What are your current favorites?

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