Instagram Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope it has been a great one! Today I’ll be sharing some favorite Instagramers I have been following for a good bit now! It’s going to be a mix of everything from home cleaning/home interior design, planner girls and nursing/medical field ladies so let’s get into today’s post! 🙂

Home Related 

mrs hinch

I’ve been loving watching Sophie’s aka Mrs. Hinch Instagram stories and her daily cleaning and seeing cute Henry, their dog, it really lightens up my mood especially when I’m in a not so great one and she definitely motivates me to clean! 🙂  here is her Instagram link:

the gray home

So I’m a huge lover of home interior anything so when I found Ashley’s Instagram, thanks to Mrs. Hinch might I add, I fell in love! Definitely gives me ideas for my future home and it just amazes me how even the simplest thing can make your space look better and comfy! 🙂 Instagram link:

Planner Related 

graceful plans

As many of y’all have seen I’ve been an avid planner user for, well, forever, haha and I love seeing planner spreads and I have been loving Gracie’s planner pictures because they’re simple, but very pleasing to the eye and I wish I could make mine look like that, but for some reason it’s a bit hard for me to make my planner all pretty and functional, but hey, maybe one day, haha. Instagram link:

niki plans

I also have been loving Niki’s planner feed recently and I like the amount of pink I’ve been seeing recently! 🙂 I also like her handwriting, forever wishing I had pretty handwriting, haha. 🙂 Instagram link:

Nursing/Medical Related

dr xristina

I love how Xristina (yes, I’m going to use the x haha) can be a bit sarcastic about some things in her IG stories, but I really like how informative she is and you can tell she likes what she does and wants to improve in what she does! 🙂 Instagram link:

chronicles of nursing

I’ve talked to Beatris briefly and she’s a really sweet and funny person and it’s great to see fellow Latinas in the nursing field and see them grow in their journey! Definitely very informative and very active on her IG stories and with her followers! 🙂 Instagram link:

the latina nurse

Another Latina nurse that spreads positivity and good vibes all around! I recently followed her and I have been loving all her posts and het IG stories about positivity and how to handle rude people and everything in between!:) Instagram link:

two little bears

This future doctor who is also a mommy has been so inspiring for me especially with her child and for someone who wants children in the future and wants to further her education, it has given me a slight insight into how your education and your time with your child can be tricky to balance, but it is doable and is a temporary sacrifice for a long term goal and I also love how her daughter is so in love with knowledge, it’s amazing how this little girl loves knowledge! 🙂 Instagram link:

im nurse liz

Lastly, we have Liz! I have been following Liz on YouTube since last year or so and I love her vlogs and her nursing videos which have been helpful and entertaining! She is also a family nurse practitioner so she gives both nursing and NP tips and advice and it’s going to be interesting with her now pregnant with baby #2! Definitely check out her Youtube channel and Instagram! 🙂 Youtube: Instagram:

So those were my Instagram favorites so far and I definitely plan to do more of these in the future! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any favorites definitely let me know! 🙂 Happy Friday, y’all! 🙂

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