Makeup Declutter + Storage Organization 2019

Hey y’all , happy Friday! Today I’m going to be sharing how I decluttered my makeup and how I organized my everyday makeup and kept it very minimal and easy to access. So let’s get into how I started the process! 🙂


I wish I had a before picture to see the chaos I had, but I don’t sadly, but trust me it is better now than it was before, haha. So here is all the makeup (not including eyeshadow palettes) products I had in different areas of my vanity. It’s a lot I will say the least, but after decluttering it has definitely downsized a lot.


I first decluttered all the lip products I had that were old and not for use anymore and then I went into my brushes and and sorted out the ones I will use and do use at different times in one pile and the rest I don’t plan to use for now in another pile. And lastly, for my every-day pile I took out the items I won’t be using and have a more minimal amount of makeup.

This is what I had in the pile that I won’t be using at the moment so it’s less than before and the rest that did not work I put in a separate bag. What do you do with your makeup products, just throw them away or do you do something else with them?

Storage Organization 

This is what I used for storage: acrylic storage bins and a makeup bag for the rest of the makeup.


Here’s how it turned out! 🙂


I really like how it turned out and I really enjoy not having a cluttered mess like I had before and I especially like that it helped me be more minimalistic in what I’ll actually use right now and what I’ll use later on in the year. I also like that I can see what is in each drawer and it’s easy to find and not having to take every single thing out ( especially brushes) just to find a certain item or brush.


This is how it looks in my little drawer where I keep the rest of my makeup. It isn’t the best looking or visually pleasing, but I like that I can take out anything I need within reach without having to take every palette out just to find the one I need. If you have another way to make it look both visually pleasing and organized in a better way, definitely let me know in the comments below! 🙂

So this is how I organized my makeup and the storage system I used to organize my makeup. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe gave you some inspiration/motivation to organize and declutter your makeup collection! 🙂

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