5 Random Facts About Me

Happy Sunday, y’all! After a pretty busy week I’m finally getting to write this blog post and I recently saw my follower count increasing and thank you to those who’ve followed me and are still with me even after my sporadic posting times so with that being said I wanted to share 5 random facts about just so y’all can know me a bit better so let’s get into these facts! 🙂

Fact 1: Music is my escape from reality.

I’m a huge lover of music of (almost) every genre out there and I like to listen to music when I’m stressed or overwhelmed to let out some steam and just sing along and feel free from the stress. This is the best way I know to relieve stress and so far it’s been helping me a good bit.

Fact 2: I love animals. A lot.

– Like I’m a huge lover of music, I’m also a lover of animals. If I could have my own personal zoo I would. They’re so comforting and seem to be very loving. Some of my favorites are bunnies, giraffes, elephants, dogs, cats, the list goes on.

Fact 3: I like to learn about anything and everything.

– I like and love learning different things and it has made it difficult for me to chose a career field to go into because I find different types to be so interesting and just choosing one is kind of hard for me but I have decided and I still want to learn about different careers (like ophthalmology, Law, Forensics, etc) some think I’m indecisive and who know I may very well be, but learning has always been something I enjoyed doing and still do to this day.

Fact 4: I’m a bit of an emotional hoarder.

– If you could see the amount of stuff I have in my room, you’d probably think I’m a bit odd, but there’s something about tangible items that become important to me enough to not throw away is almost kind of ridiculous, but slowly as I’ve grown it has become less difficult, but still kind of hard to do. I don’t know why or how it started, but I’m slowly becoming less of an emotional hoarder which has become a goal of mine and I’m happy to be progressing in this.

Fact 5: I like to watch crime docuseries and anything related to crime.

– I don’t know when this started, but I’ve been interesting in crime docuseries and anything related for quite a good while. It’s not that I’m sick or anything (people have said this of others who enjoy crime as well) it’s just that it’s interesting to see the how and why people have done the things that they’ve done. Some of my favorites are the ID channel, Eleanor Neale & Amber Loves Mystery (and many more) who are on YouTube and do videos of true crime.

So those are my 5 random facts about me! I hope to hear some random facts about you or if you share the same facts as me and we can chat about it in the comments! 🙂 I hope y’all enjoyed and I hope your weekend was a great one! ✨

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