Nexxus Ultimate Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner | Mini Review #2

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope your day has been good! This post is going up a bit late today, but nonetheless it’s up! Today I’m going to be doing another mini review on this new shampoo and conditioner combo I’m trying out!

About products:

– medium size

– 488 mL or 16.6 Fl Oz

– For normal to dry hair

– Silicone- free , has Elastin protein

– Pump – style

– 3 steps (only got the 2 steps)

– Claims shampoo cleanses while nourishing

– Claims conditioner restores hair barrier and leaves hair balanced and gives hair more flexibility

– Recommended use of conditioner : smooth product onto damp hair, let it sit for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly

My thoughts

So I’ve barely been using these products, but so far I have been loving them. My hair is dry and quite damaged so I wanted to test these out and they did give my hair a more fresher look and I’ve also gone a day without washing my hair and it did not give my hair a greasy look like other drugstore products have in the past.

The shampoo is very thick so I don’t need a lot of product while the conditioner is more smooth, but you don’t need a lot of product even with my hair being long. I’ll see what happens later on, but so far I have been loving these products and have seen a difference and what I also like is that it doesn’t give my hair many tangles which is a bonus, very good bonus.

So overall, I do like these products and they have helped my hair look healthier and fresh. I will say that the conditioner was about $3 more than the shampoo, but overall, it’s a decent amount for two compared to what one would buy at Ulta, especially if you’re on a budget but also want to try out more drugstore hair care products.

That’s it for this mini review, I hope you enjoyed it and if you’ve tried any Nexxus products, let me know if you liked them or if you didn’t and also any recommendations in the comments section!

Happy Friday, y’all! 🙂

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