Summer School Routine 2018

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today I wanted to do a school routine for summer school and show you what I do on my longer days and what the general routine is for me.

So I’m taking microbiology this summer on campus and our labs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes we get out earlier than usual and there are days, like today, that we leave later.

9:00-9:30 a.m.

I get up at around 9-9:15 and get ready, the usual. I then leave the house and get me something quick to eat before I go to class. It’s either Starbucks or something from McDonald’s (don’t judge, haha).

9:40-10:30 a.m

I drive up to my community college so it’s about a 30 minute drive and I typically get there at around 10:30. Once at the school, I head to the library to print out notes for the next chapter (we work on the chapter we’re on during lecture and go straight into the next chapter afterwards).

10:45 – 12:15 p.m

Class starts at 10:45 and goes on until around 12:15 and in that time frame we finish one chapter and start on the next and get to the middle of the next chapter and stop there for the next lecture.

12:15-12:25 p.m

During this time, we have break and here we can snack on something light, go to the restroom, etc.

12:25-1:30 p.m.

Lab starts at around this hour, but it does change depending on what we’re doing and how fast we get through lecture. Today, we had skills check-offs on streaking plates. The ones above were my practice ones. We took that time to do our check-offs and once done we had a very brief break before starting stains.

2:00 – 4:00 p.m

For today’s lab, we got an introduction to staining. Our teacher gave the introduction and demo for each of the two different stains we were gonna to do today.

We got our slides labeled and cleaned and we fixed them and let them air dry and began the staining process.

These were the first practice batches of slides and they aren’t the best, but pass seeing as it’s the first round. Once done with all 6 slides, we know get to look at them into the microscope (my favorite part, but the whole staining process is a favorite, too!) and we also look at the slides in oil magnification (it’s pretty neat, too!).

Our teacher wanted to see our two mixes before we left and once she told us what we could do next time and if they looked good and whatnot. Once we got the okay, we could leave for the day.

So that’s typically what a day in summer school is like on my longer days! I’m enjoying micro, especially the lab portion, and it’s about two weeks that we have left and we’ll be done with microbiology! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your day has been or is a great one! 🙂

Are you taking any summer classes or enjoying your summer this year?

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