L’Oréal Hydrafresh Toner First Impressions + Review

Happy Monday, y’all! Hope today’s been a great day for you all! Today I’ll be doing a short and sweet first impressions/review on this L’Oréal toner I recently purchased!

So the L’Oréal Hydrafresh Toner claims that it gently sweeps away dull, tired skin, protects against moisture loss, refreshes in a splash, reveals smoother, brighter complexion and leaves skin soft and supple.

It’s 99% alcohol-free and the way to apply it is with a cotton ball both day and at night and it contains 8.5 fl. oz , so you get a pretty good amount which is good and the price comes to $7.49 at your local Walgreens ($5.37- Walmart; $6.99 – Ulta).

So when I first used this it felt a bit soapy in my opinion. Granted it was my first time using it, but it did feel a bit soapy at first. I tried it again at night and it didn’t feel as soapy and it did give me a soft and supple complexion.

I find it weird using a different toner because I’ve always (always) used the Clinique one so I was a bit hesitant to try out a new one, but because I am on a budget and I do want to try out more drugstore brands I decided to try this one out and I’ve been liking it so far. Compared to the Clinique one, it doesn’t give me a slight tingly sensation which I do like and I like that it’s alcohol-free, too.

So even though I’m still testing this product out, I have to say that I do like it and feel like it’ll be one of my drugstore favorites for a good bit.

Those were my thoughts on this toner, I hope you enjoyed and I hope your Monday and this week is a great one! 🙂

Have you used this toner before? Did you like it?

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