400 Page Book Challenge

Happy Wednesday, y’all! For today’s post I want to introduce a little book challenge that I am going to be doing and welcome those who want to do it also and it is the 400 page book challenge!

*Disclaimer: I did not come with this and it may already be a challenge and I don’t know about it so if you know who started it, let me know below!*

So I was finishing (well, I’m almost done with it!) Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets when I thought , “Hmm, how many pages are in the next couple of books?” And I checked and they were all more than 400 pages so I was like okay, this could become something and here we are. Haha

I’m going to be reading every book I have that’s more than 400 pages and see how long it takes me to read each one! So let’s get into the books!


The rest of the Harry Potter series

This is a given haha.

•Goblet of Fire : 697 pages

•Order of the Phoenix : 865 pages

•Half-blood Prince : 616 pages

-Deathly Hallows : 759 pages

The Twilight Series

I’m going to re-read the series to see if I still have the same opinion years later. Haha don’t judge.

• Twilight : 544 pages

• New Moon : 563 pages

• Eclipse : 498 pages

• Breaking Dawn : 756 pages

Stand Alones

So many classics haha besides one, of course.

• Emma : 544 pages

• Anna Karenina : 864 pages

• Jane Eyre : 462 pages

• Les Misérables : 1232 pages

• Lilac Girls : 476 pages

So those are all the books for this challenge! If you found this intriguing or challenging but want to do it, too, by all means I encourage you to do it, it’s a rather fun idea, in my opinion! 🙂

That’s it for today’s post and thank you so much for stopping by and I hope your day was a great one!

Will you be doing this challenge?

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