My Simple Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday y’all! Today I’m going to be doing a short and sweet post about my very simple skincare routine and give a mini review about the two products that have changed my skin for the better! Let’s get into the post!

So like I mentioned before I don’t really use too many products because I’m a simple gal who wants to have smooth and nice skin without having to use too many skincare products and then totally forgetting to use them or not reach for them because I may wanna try another one and so on. (If anyone can relate, #twins).

These two products are all I need to have nice, soft skin : Clinique clarifying lotion and Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream


I use a round cotton pad and do two-three dots of the Clinique bottle and slightly rub the cotton pad all over my face and neck and I let it sit for a couple seconds to a minute. Then I use the Tula cream and do little dabs of it all over my face and blend it all into my skin. I do this during the day and before I go to bed.


What I love about these two products is that they get the job done with such little amount of product use and it lasts me a good couple of months. I’m running out of these two products, but I’ll definitely be purchasing them again. They’re a must in my book!

So that’s my simple skincare routine and I hope you enjoyed this short and to the point post! I hope your Wednesday is a great one! 🙂

What items do you use for your skincare routine? Any recommendations?

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