Maybelline SuperStay Foundation & Concealer Review

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope your weekend was great! So after a week off, I’m back (yet again!) and for today’s post it’s going to be a review on the new Maybelline SuperStay foundation and concealer, so let’s get into this post!

So I recently bought the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Foundation and the SuperStay Better Skin Concealer.

So here’s the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation in the shade 312 Golden. What I love about this foundation as I open it is that it has a pump and with that, I have more control and don’t waste as much like a regular pour-out foundation would.

Here’s a swatch of the foundation and with a small amount, it’s still a good bit, to me at least.

Now let’s talk about the concealer, so this is the Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer and I got it in the shade medium 40. I like the packaging, it’s simple and travel friendly and I like that it has the standard doe foot applicator too.

Here’s the swatch and with just what came off the applicator, it was a good bit so I don’t think you need to cake it on in order to make it do it’s job, unless that’s what you like or tend to do, this is just my thoughts on it, haha.

So this is the before and after pictures! Now just from the pictures, you can see a difference. I do have some discoloration around my mouth and some dark circles and while you can see the discoloration peeking through a bit , it’s not enough, for me anyway, to say it’s a deal-breaker and I think it covered my dark circles a good bit, before I added concealer and well, concealer did help out, but overall, I think the foundation did a good job alone and the concealer helped out a tad and I like that about both products.

As for application, I did a layer and some small spots for the foundation and a small v-shape of concealer. I like that the foundation is not too thick where it looks super cake-y because personally, I’m not a fan of cake-y makeup, I don’t think many are, haha, but the concealer isn’t too thick either and like I said before, a little bit of it will do wonders.

Now my overall thoughts about this two products. I love these two products together and I think they work will together and don’t budge at all. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone that is looking for a good foundation and concealer and for a pretty reasonable price too.

So this is my review on these two products and thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post! I hope your Monday was a great one and the rest of your week is great, too!

Do you use/like any of the Maybelline line? If so, which ones?

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