What I Wore : Weekend Edition

Happy Sunday, y’all! I hope your day is going good and thanks for stopping by! For today’s post I’m going to do a “What I Wore” post for this past weekend, I hope you enjoy it! Let’s get into these outfits!


Friday was a pretty chill day, I decided to get a bit dressed up, but not too crazy dressed up. My top is from Ann Taylor Loft, my leggings are from Loft (again) and my ankle boots are Michael Kors. My bracelet is from Belk and my necklace is from Al’tard State.


For Saturday, I chose a more casual look, it was gloomy and cold out so I didn’t feel like getting too dressed up on this day. My top is from American Eagle , leggings are from Loft , cardigan is from Hollister (someone is selling one similar on Poshmark ) and shoes are Converse.


Today was a very chill day full of errands and cleaning around the house so I went with a more laidback look. My top is from American Eagle (currently sold out) , capri pants are from Belk I believe, and shoes are Converse.

So those were my outfits for this weekend, I tried my best to link the items, but some are either sold out or too old to find links to them anymore, but overall I hope you liked this post!

I hope your weekend was great and happy Sunday! 🙂

Are you more into casual attire or more dressy attire?

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