Decluttering My Drawers & What I Do With My Clothes

Happy Friday, y’all! I finally have this post up (been busy, busy!) and today’s post is gonna be me going through a declutter session and what I do with my clothes and how I’ve organized them so let’s get into this post!

My Decluttering Process

So it’s been a minute since I last did a decluttering of my clothes and in doing this I made more room for clothes and even organized them in a different way, too!

So here’s how I declutter my clothes :

• Select a drawer

• Take all the clothes out

• Sort out by most and least worn

• Put least worn or items I won’t wear anymore aside

• Take the clothes I will still wear and color coordinate and stack them

• Put back into drawer or place in an easy to see and reach level

And that’s how it usually goes for me in my decluttering process!

Here’s some pictures!

Typically how it looks when I sort out my clothes before putting them in their place

Here’s how I organized my shorts drawer from light denim all the way to colored/pattern shorts.

So this drawer is one of my favorites because it made me realize exactly how much gym wear I actually own and definitely need to put to good use. I love how organized this drawer is, haha.

My last drawer is my PJ’s/Sweatpants/Leggings drawer and I love how this looks, how easy to see what’s in this drawer and how easy it is to pick out what you need.

So those were my drawers and now I’ll be showing my two shelf cupboards that are in my vanity.

In the top shelf I have all my camis arranged by color (I have a ton of black camis haha) and in the bottom I have my casual short sleeve tops.

On the left side in this area I have in the top shelf my long sleeve pullovers and in the bottom more tops and smaller tank tops.

So now that I’ve shown you how I declutter and what it looks like, let’s talk about what I do with the clothes I no longer wear or no longer fit!

What I Do With The Clothes I’ve Decluttered

So here’s my pile of decluttered clothes

What I like to do is spread them out in categories and see what all I have and how well kept they are.

Once I check them out and they pass the inspection, I take pictures of each item and list them on Poshmark !

I’ve started listing and selling my clothes since the 10th of this month and so far things have been going great! It’s so easy to use and you can easily make a good bit of side money by being consistent and shipping out items on time! If you’ve ever thought of selling your items, I recommend using Poshmark and even though they do take 20% from your listing price, it makes sense because all you have to do is pack your items, print out your pre-paid shipping label and ship the item out, you essentially don’t pay a thing!

While Poshmark has worked for me so far, I won’t say it’ll work out for you because everyone’s experience is different and I’ll be honest and say that I was a bit hesitant to try it out, but I’m glad I did and I’m enjoying right now and of course, not everything is going to sell, I know this, so the items I won’t sell, I’ll donate them or give them to my cousins so they don’t just sit there, I’d rather they be used by someone else and not collecting dust.

If you want to check out my closet here’s my link :

I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you have an account on Poshmark, tell me in the comments and I’ll follow you! 🙂 Happy Friday, y’all!

How do you declutter your clothes? What do you do with them?

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