My Favorite Tarte Palettes

Happy Saturday, y’all! Thanks for stopping by, for today’s post, I’ll be talking about my favorite Tarte eyeshadow palettes!

I own three Tarte palettes and both work wonderful for me and are the palettes I reach for regularly. The color palettes are the same, almost, because I love my browns and neutral colors, I’m not big on the bolder, more out there shades, but it’s something I’d want to try out one day. So with all that being said, let’s get into these palettes!

Tartelette Tease Palette

This eyeshadow palette has your basics for an on-the-go, quick eyeshadow look. I use this palette on days I don’t want to do a lot with my shadow and want a simple, casual look. I also take this with me when traveling and it’s perfect for traveling because it’s so small and doesn’t take up much space.

In the palette, there’s 2 lighter shades, 2 shimmer colors and 2 darker colors. I love that you can either go light or dark with this palette even for the limited amount of shades and what I love about these shadows is that they’re very pigmented and blend out well.

Tarte Tartelette Palette

This palette was actually my very first eyeshadow palette from Tarte and I love it to this day! I really want to get the other Tartelette palette, but that’ll have to wait, haha.

I love that this palette has 6 lighter shades and 6 darker shades so you can play around with different combinations and see which goes best with which. It does have some fall out , but that’s normal to have, besides that these shadows are pigmented and blendable which is a must in my book.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Palette

So I’ve mentioned this palette a good bit on my blog and my thoughts are still the same, I love this palette and the colors it provides.

Now I said I wasn’t a fan of bold, out there colors, but this palette has a few, in my opinion, and I definitely want to try those shadows out. This palette has a little bit of everything and I love that about this palette. You can definitely try out different combinations with this palette.

These were my favorite eyeshadow palettes from Tarte and I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your Saturday is a happy and fun one! 🙂

Which palette is your favorite? Have you tried out any of these or a different one?

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