What’s In My Nightstand

Happy Friday, y’all! Today was a very bright and sunny day so I decided to whip out my camera and give you guys a little tour of my nightstand!So at first glance, one can say my nightstand is a tad bit cluttered, haha, but to me (personally) it isn’t that cluttered.

So to start off, I got this nightstand years ago but I did get it at Ashley’s Furniture as a bedroom set and it’s been keeping up well and it’s pretty spacious enough for me. To get the few tidbits out of the way, I have a foam cardboard on the wall for when I filmed planner videos or played around with flat lay pictures. I also have my camera and tripod and it’s still on the tripod because I feel like it’s less of a nuisance that way, I don’t always leave it there though. My lamps are from Kirkland’s!

So let’s get into this little corner first!

  • Planners – I have my Erin Condren planner next to the basket (which is from Bargain Hunt) then in the basket, I have my mini happy planner, Kate Spade and Recollections personal planner.
  • Highlighters – I have my midliner highlighters in this basket because they fit well and aren’t all over the place.
  • Notebooks – I have an Erin Condren journal and 2 spiral journals from T.J. Maxx. If you love pretty notebooks for a cheap price, definitely go to T.J. Maxx!
  • Electronics – I have my iPad Pro and my mini iPad, I use my iPad Pro when I don’t want to bring my laptop to class for notes and lectures and my iPad mini is for when I want to watch shows in bed or play YouTube videos when working on homework or journaling.

  • Planner items – I have my 2 A5 planners (Pink- Reset Girl and Rose Gold- Filofax), my sticker binder and two photo albums filled with all my smaller sticker sheets and samplers/freebies.
  • Books – I have my annotated version of Pride & Prejudice, my Harry Potter Year 2 book, two 5-year journals.
  • Random bits – I have my little husky on top, which was a gift from my husband, it’s so cute haha. I also have my Yankee Candle in the scent Seaside Autumn, a dried up flower that I’ve saved because I got it from my husband and the little white leaf is from my lamp haha.

  • Books– I have three classics on top of my reading journal and next to them is my weekly notepad that’s from Hobby Lobby.

  • Pen cup– In this pen cup I have all (well almost all) of my colored pens and two pencils, one that was given to me and everyone else on our Europe trip from our tour guide.

  • Desk organizer– So this is a bit messy at the moment, still figuring out how to make this less cluttered, but on the left pen holder side, I have a lot of pens and pencils, my scissors and exacto knife. In the middle, I have my clips and mini hole puncher. The right side has all my black pens, some white pens, my un-du and my prettier pens. In the bottom middle, I have my washi favorites at the moment, my mini stapler, white-out and two mini sticky notepads.

  • Bit of everything– I have a small box full of old iPhone cases, more iPhone cases, my Lilly Pulitzer wallet, some old phones and iPod, my CD Drive, my wedding pictures CDs, all my electronic chargers, 3 notebooks, two drink holders, my bible and candle from my communion and a random remote that I don’t remember what it’s for, haha.

  • More random bits– I have my calculator, my long notepads and a pack of pencils, sleep mask, notecards, to-do notepad, Kate Spade spiral notebook, sewmuchcrafting inserts, headphones, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, a pocket TN insert, my devotional books and my passport holder.

  • Miscellaneous– I have a journal, a pouch that has my camera items like memory cards, charger, etc., a bigger pouch for important documents and stuff along with older files underneath them. Next to them is American Craft notepads and some envelopes.

So that’s everything that’s in my nightstand, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your Friday is a great one!

What’s a must-have item that needs to be in or on your nightstand?

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