My 2018 Planner Line Up

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! In today’s post I’ll be talking about my planner line up for 2018!So now that I’m back from my mini Christmas break, I wanted to share my planner line up for the new year and some new ideas I decided to incorporate into 2018!

It may seem impulsive at first, but I’ll briefly explain what I plan to do with each one and I hope this gives you some inspiration to try out on your own.

To make things a bit easier, I’ll be going from small to big so let’s get into it!

Foxy Fix No. 2 in Sugar Mochi

So I will be using this as my on-the-go planner because it fits in my purse perfectly.

I’ll be using a weekly vertical insert to jot down what I’ve done briefly during the day as well as appointments, events, blog posts, etc. For the monthly, it’ll just have appointment dates, special days and birthdays, school schedule (maybe!), and deadlines. The little pink book has all the posts I’ve done for each month and followers I’ve gained and such. I have used this in the past and has worked out perfectly for me, so I’m excited to use it again in 2018.

Mini Happy Planner

So I plan to use my mini happy planner as an emotions planner. Now you may be thinking what is an emotions planner and well it’s more like a journal than a planner, but basically at the end of the day, you write down how you felt at the end of the day and you can even write what caused your mood and such. For the monthly, I’ll be putting an emotion and the event as a sort of memory monthly view. This seems like a fun idea to me so I decided to include this for the new year!

Recollections Personal Planner 

So this is my personal planner and I will most likely take this with me when out and about if I happen to forget my foxy fix or if I’m traveling to jot down flight hours and departures, things of that sort. I use this as a weekly, school, and purchases planner.

The weekly is more of a basic to-do section and some room to track weekly dinners or what you did that week and keep track of your daily tasks. The school section is basically where I put down my class times, schedule, and grades and the purchases sections is simply that, what I ordered online, when it shipped/delivered and a spending tracker as well. Again, I’ve used this, this year, and enjoyed it so I’m happy to bring it back in 2018!

Erin Condren Vertical Planner

This is my catch all planner. I write down what I did and the events that happened during the day to keep track of things and how I spent my week. Pretty self explanatory, I think! 🙂

Recollections Creative Year Planner

So this planner is essentially a goal planner, hence the cover, but I plan to use this as a reading planner/journal!

So here’s a look at how I plan to use this planner. 🙂 I honestly don’t know why I’m just now doing this, but I think my binge of book obsessed YouTubers got me into the motivation of doing this neat idea and it will definitely help me in not getting repeats because I have a history of doing this haha. I can’t wait to get back to reading again, I’ve definitely missed it!

Classic Happy Planner 

I’ll be using my happy planner as my devotional/faith/scripture planner! I want to grow in my faith with the Lord and I feel like this will help me along with other things, of course.

My idea to go about this is list all the verses for the week on the notes sidebar and go day by day with the devotional in one section, scripture in the middle section and thoughts/prayer/etc in the last section. I’m excited to see how this works out for me!

So while I’ve listed all these planners, I forgot to mention one that hasn’t come in yet and won’t until next month or so and that is my B6 Traveler’s Notebook and to make things short, I’ll be using that TN as a memory planner for at home and on the go for traveling.

That’s my line up for the new year and again I know it may seem overwhelming and impulsive, but with me being on break from school for a while, it won’t be as hard, once school starts that may be a different story, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it and a goal for me this year is to keep up with all of these planners and journals! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your Tuesday has been good for you! 🙂

What planner will you be using in 2018? Will it be just one or more? 


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