How I Spent My 24th Birthday and 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today’s been pretty gloomy and rainy, but I enjoy writing during these times, it’s therapeutic to me. For today’s post I’ll be talking about how I spent my wedding anniversary and birthday!

I’m doing them together because they’re back to back, the 17th is my wedding anniversary and the 18th is my birthday so why not combine both into one post, haha.

So Sunday I got ready, got all fancy and cute and me and my hubby went out to eat at a nice fancy place for dinner and ate so much that we had to take some to-go because we were that full and it was a lot of food. Haha once we left the restaurant we decided to go bowling and in the first game, my husband won, but in the second I beat him by a lot and he was shocked because I have only ever beat him once, he always beats me at bowling haha. I even took a picture of it because it was a monumental moment for me, personally haha.

I didn’t take any pictures during our dinner because that’s our time to talk and enjoy our time together while stuffing our faces with delicious food, haha.

Then he surprised me that night for my birthday with roses, a huge stuffed animal and Ferrero Collection of chocolates. It was sweet and I cried haha so sappy, I know!

The next day was my birthday and again, it was a very chill day, got Starbucks, went to my dentist appointment, and did some other errands during the day. Then at night we were going to go out to eat, but we stopped by to see my parents and they surprised me with two cakes and balloons, pizza and so many hugs haha. It was sweet 💖.

So that’s how I spent my anniversary and birthday, very chill and with all my loved ones. I had a wonderful time and happy to be living out another year and can’t wait to see what this upcoming year will bring!

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and hope your Tuesday is going great!

When’s your birthday or anniversary (or both!) ?

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