My Top Movies To Watch During The Holidays

Happy Saturday, y’all! So this post was originally supposed to go up yesterday, but as you know life happens, so it’s going up today and this is going to be about my top movies to watch during the holidays!

So some of these movies aren’t really Christmas themed so to speak, it’s more about the snow and December vibes, for most of these, but still good to watch to get into the spirit of having or getting a winter wonderland this season.

Christmas Classics

So I’m sure you’ve all been watching or plan to watch the 25 days of Christmas special on ABC (well, now it’s Freeform) and see all the classic Christmas movies and go down memory lane. My favorites are Santa Claus is coming to town, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, frosty the snowman, Jack Frost and so many more. Every time I watch these it reminds me of my childhood and makes me miss those times.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

As a Tim Burton lover, I have to watch this movie every time it’s the holiday season and honestly I don’t watch it just for the holidays, it’s just a good movie all year round. Creepy, but still festive, I love it.


Now this isn’t very Christmas-y, but it’s set in the cold season so I thought it was perfect for the season. Once upon a December is for sure my favorite song, it hold a special place in my heart.

Beauty and the Beast

Again, another movie that isn’t all that Christmas-y, but it’s set in the cold season so it works haha. But there’s also the Christmas special version which I also enjoy watching during Christmas time. You can never go wrong with Disney classics.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Couldn’t have a top favorites without this movie being on the list because this is a classic Christmas movie and I love the message that it gives. No one needs presents in order to have a merry Christmas just as long as you’re around your loved ones and have holiday cheer. 🙂

The Harry Potter Series

I’ve seen that the Harry Potter series has been a favorite to play during the holidays and I’m totally okay with it and have personally started watching them every season so far. Can’t go wrong with Harry Potter.

So that’s my list of Christmas/Holiday movies that I love to watch during the season and pretty much all year round so I hope y’all enjoyed this post! 🙂

What’s your favorite movie to watch during the holidays?

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