November Favorites

Happy Friday and happy December, y’all! We’re finally in December (aka my birthday month too! hehe) and I’m so happy about it because the tree will be up very soon and all the christmas lights will be lit, I just love this time of year!

With November now being over, I wanted to share some of my favorites that I’ve been using in that month! There’s not that many, but these are definitely items I plan to use in December, for sure!



So first let’s talk about makeup and even though I haven’t been wearing as much as I used to (giving my skin a little break) these items are my go-to for a simple makeup look. These two mascaras are perfect for a full and lifted lash and I love that it doesn’t give me clumpy lashes or spider lashes. I also have been loving this liquid lipstick because it’s not too drying and it stays on for a pretty decent amount of time and the color is a perfect nudey-peach and I love how it works and suits my skin tone. This highlighter is also my go-to for a subtle highlight when I don’t use my Becca for that extra pop and it’s also buildable, too.


This next favorite is a recent one because if we’re being honest here, I totally forgot I had this in my drawer and when I found it, I tested it out before going to bed when I had cleaned my face and y’all this is amazing! It left my skin feeling hydrated and it didn’t leave an oily finish afterwards, it didn’t make my face drier than it already is which is always great! My skin is hydrated and is glowing which is definitely a must for this cold December season!


This perfume smells amazing, it’s a mature, but not too grandma-ish kind of scent , it has nectarine blossoms, jasmine water and Italian bergamot and it’s just an amazing scent and I got this almost 4 months ago, I still have a good bit left because I’ve been using the travel size one while out, but honestly, I don’t want to finish it because it smells that good!


Saved the best for last, haha, these are my favorite candles so far. I always burn Mahogany Teakwood during the christmas time (along with other candles, of course!) and it’s just so cozy and puts in a good, peaceful place. This next one I don’t remember the name of but it’s from the brand Glade and it’s a flowery scent it reminds me of my childhood when I visited my aunts and grandparents and it’s not a strong scent, it’s subtle, but not to the point where you can’t smell it, it’s just right.

These were my November favorites, I hope you enjoyed this post and Happy December! 🙂

What was your favorite item in the month of November? 

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