What’s In My Purse : School Edition

Happy Thursday, y’all! So today was my last day of my Fall semester and I am so excited to be out for Christmas break! Speaking of Christmas, December 1st is tomorrow, crazy how this month and year has gone by so fast! Also December is my birthday month so one of my goals is to post consistently for December! 🙂

For today’s post and in celebration of finishing the semester on a good note, I’ve decided to do a quick What’s In My Purse School Edition because I don’t think I’ve ever done one on my blog before! So let’s get into this post! I’ll also try to link as much of the items I can!


This semester I only had one in class lecture and the rest of my classes were online so I didn’t have to bring much with me to class and unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this purse because it was a Christmas present from my lovely husband, but if anyone knows the name of it, please let me know in the comments! 🙂


Here’s a look inside and as you can see not much is really in it because I don’t want it to be super heavy or bulky. I’ll start off with the first two pockets and go from there!


In the first pocket I just have my favorite liquid lipstick by Kat Von D and it’s in the shade Lolita and I have my travel perfume spray, that’s almost empty ( insert sad face here!) called Bella by Vince Camuto that came in this set that is currently in Belk and Macy’s and Macy’s has it at a low price with an additional 15 % coupon so if you love this perfume I would definitely take advantage of this offer! 🙂


In the second pocket, I have my favorite gel pens which are the Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pen in 0.7 and two pencils in case we needed them for scantrons, but that never happened haha.


Now to start with the middle portion! I have my notebook that I took notes in and I loved the size because it fit perfectly in my purse and wasn’t heavy at all to carry around! I got this from Belk a couple years and it’s the Kate Spade Quick and Curious concealed spiral notebook!


Then I have hand sanitizer and my other go to fragrance which is the Sweet Pea Fragrance Mist in the travel size from Bath & Body Works. They’re currently having a 20% off entire purchase on their website so if you’re wanting to get a discount, definitely go check it out! 🙂


Next we have my wallet and it’s a Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet and there’s another discount offer added to it , so again, if you want it I would definitely take advantage especially for a little Christmas present for yourself! 🙂


Lastly, in the back zipped pocket, I have my headphones, keys and iPhone 7, nothing really crazy or exciting!

So that’s it for this post and I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

What are your must-have items that are in your purse? 

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