Summer School Morning Routine 

Happy Friday, y’all! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

I’m finally done with summer classes for a little while until fall classes in literally less than a week from now! Before that starts, I wanted to share with you all my morning routine for summer school!

Now things did change and some things I did and other times I didn’t, but majority of the time, I did do them haha. Okay, now lets get into this post!

9:00 a.m. – For someone who hates waking up early, this was definitely a struggle, but I did try my best to wake up at this hour and it helped me more knowing that my husband also had to be up at this hour for work so it worked out!

9:05 a.m. – Once I fully wake up, I would make the bed and go to the bathroom and wash my teeth and freshen up and while I was at it, I would get my detox water!

9:15 a.m. – After that was done, I got dressed and got my things ready and in the car. Literally didn’t do much, but brush my hair and go in gym attire majority of the time, but on days for skills tests I did dress accordingly. I wasn’t full-on bum all the time now. Haha

9:30 a.m. – I’d get into town at around this hour and I would get me some Starbucks iced coffee (iced caramel macchiato is my go-to!) and their spinach feta wrap, my favorite! And once I got my order, I’d be off to class.

10:00 a.m. – majority of the time I wouldn’t be this early to school especially for summer, but for this particular day, I had to go get a mask for skills tests and check out book prices for Fall and it didn’t help that the new bookstore is now literally all the way in the back and not in the same building as my class like it used to be (#annoying #inconvenient ) and I also wanted to eat my food in peace without rushing haha.

10:45 a.m – I would get to class 5 or so minutes earlier and I would wait until the teacher got here and class would start.

12:30 a.m – Class is over and I get to leave, yay! Once done with class I would meet up with my husband if he got out early for his break and if not, I would head home and relax and usually once done with classes, I’d take some me time and memory journal in my new happy planner (it’s on sale right now!)!

So that was my summer school morning routine, pretty simple, right?

Summer classes aren’t so bad, I actually like them especially if I get the laid back teachers, it’s even more fun, because during the summer I get bored and hate not doing anything, like I have to be doing something or I’ll go crazy, strange, I know! Are any of you like that? Thankfully, I didn’t have to wake up super early for these two classes! My class for this upcoming Fall semester starts at 12:30 so I’ll definitely have more me time in the morning which is great! Haha

Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Happy Friday, y’all! 🙂

Did you take any summer classes? Did you enjoy them? What grade are you in (High school/College)? 

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