Feeling Festive! December Is Here!

You guys it is finally December!! And in celebration of December 1 yesterday, the parents, fiancé and I put up the tree and baked a Hershey’s cake!

Lots of things are happening this December like the end of Fall semester next week, my wedding the week after that, Christmas and New Years! Ahh! I’m so excited and I’m sure you can tell that, other than Halloween, Christmas is my favorite holiday! I just love all the Christmas lights and seeing the neighborhood all lit up and having more family quality time and waking up to see the Christmas tree in all its glory!

This time of the year is the best! I love it! Here are some pictures from yesterday! 

Excuse my face but I was happy don’t let it say otherwise haha

Candle of the month is Frosty Air from Bath & Body Works! Smells so good!!

The details 😍🎄

Our tree changes colors too! Finished product! 🎄💖

The fiancé and I decided to put a little tree in our room and I love it!❤️

To end the night, we had Hershey’s chocolate cake and it was delicious!

December 1st was a busy, but fun day and am so ready to see what all this month will bring!

How was your first day of December? 

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