How I’ll Use My Planners!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Finally back with a new post and in this post I’ll be sharing how I’ll be using my planners for this year and for 2017!


This little guy is a pocket monthly planner that I got from Target and I will definitely be using this one for when I’m on the go or just want a monthly view to schedule videos and blog posts because let’s be real here lugging around a full sized planner can be a bit much, well for me, personally!


Now this is my Lilly agenda and have been using this since the summer of last year so my time with this agenda is almost over! But you can bet I’ll be getting my hands on their 2017-2018 agenda when that one comes out! I’ll be using this one for my school work mainly as I’ll only be able to use this one until the Fall semester ends!


I ordered the Mambi (Me and my big ideas) big happy planner a couple months before it got released in stores and I had recently discovered memory planning and thought it would be a fun and memorable idea to use this planner as a journal/scrapbook and so that’s what I’ll be using this planner and I’m pretty excited, not gonna lie haha!


Lastly, I got the original sized Mambi planner in this floral print and this will be the planner I’ll be using for this year and for 2017! I honestly can’t wait to decorate it and just plan in this planner! #plannernerd

People probably think it’s excessive and pointless to have so many planners, but I find it as a way to be organized and to also have my life together therefore having mini meltdowns are less frequent haha. I also find this very therapeutic and a way to actually get away from the stress as strange as it may sound! haha

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

What planner are you going to be using this year?

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